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Terminal Emulators

Our inaugural show is all about terminal emulators, that window into the heart of the machine. Along the way we talk about X Windows and the variety of alternative window managers.

Intro song: Czarface and MF Doom “Bomb Thrown”

Terminal Emulators:


X Windows/Wayland:

XKCD comic on xorg.conf

Window Managers

Other items brought up on the show


  • David mentioned the replacement for XLib and couldn’t recall the name. The name of the replacement library with “the cat logo” is XCB
  • The “Chaos protocol” mentioned was Chaosnet, which was written before Project Athena started.
  • The “CNC” in a CNC mill stands for Computer Numerical Control
  • OpenBSD has now removed root access from X11.
  • Rust was mentioned as working with GCC, before David realized he meant Go. It turns out there was a brief effort to get Rust working on GCC
  • Multi-pointer X appears to have been merged in 2009
  • The browser that worked with SVGAlib that David couldn’t recall the name of was Links